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September 4, 2011

Marketing Tip of the Day – Customer Experience Marketing

by Marketing Made Easy

Your best sales person or business ally is a happy and loyal customer that espouses to everyone how great your business is.  Yet, one of the most neglected aspects of any business is the customer experience.

Why do so many businesses continue to neglect customer satisfaction?  Perhaps as a small business owner, the customer experience goes unchecked because there are so many things competing for the owner’s time.


Women make 85% of all brand purchases and incredibly only 3% of women are creative directors in advertising agencies.


Should it not therefore, be imperative that you know your target audience and if it is women, then take a good, long hard look at what you can do to maintain a prosperous relationship with this group?


Tailor your marketing to better help your customers by using these six simple steps:

1.  Ask your target market what kind of sales experience they want?

2.  Would a loyalty program encourage them to purchase from you again?  If so, what kind of loyalty program would interest them?

3.  Women talk and talk and talk…with this in mind, what kind of experience would get them talking positively about your product or service?

4.  Trust is a major factor in a women’s purchasing decision.  If you were a non-brand, what would help your target audience to feel they can trust your product or service to make a purchasing decision?

5.  In retail anthropology, one well-documented discovery was the time differences between the genders when making their purchasing decision.   Men tend to make decisions impulsively; based on immediate needs and how well the product or service will satisfy needs NOW and into the immediate future.  For   women this trend is almost reversed.  Long-term considerations are a stronger factor that will encourage her to purchase from your business.  With this in mind, emphasise the long-term benefits.

6.  Men go for facts and data, however, when it comes to women part of their purchasing response is the emotional connection they have with the product or service.  Women prefer a narrative, a story with faces and interaction and the relationships that are occurring.   Spend time with your female customers by talking with them.  Learn how to understand their needs and show them how your product or service can help.

Here’s a warning – don’t patronise women.  They’ll walk into the waiting arms of your competitors and tell their girlfriends about how bad it was with you!
Author: Peta Di Palma


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