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August 30, 2011

Creative Business Marketing

by Marketing Made Easy

Prospering in this economic climate requires you to think outside the box and focus your sales strategy in a new direction.  The recent shift in consumer psychology requires you to consider new approaches for generating buyer awareness and building a successful launching base for your products and services.

Educational marketing rather than self-promotion is becoming a key consideration for many businesses.  Developing free webinars, educational seminars and conferences with informative and accurate information provides value to a companies target audience.  These educational programs have assisted smaller businesses gain a national reputation for being a trusted advisor.

Let’s take this this theory to a micro business such as an Etsy shop owner.  The same basic principle applies; you develop your product and offer complimentary services to educate your target audience.  Simple strategy with great rewards – it will set your business apart from the many others on Etsy.  Offer to educate and assist your customers at every level and position yourself as a trusted advisor and actively shape your industry.

Position Your Small Business as a Trusted Advisor

Consumers want to do business with brands they trust!  When your customers view your business as an advisor rather than a self-serving sales steam engine, you will experience less resistance.   Put your prospects’ needs first and foremost and assist them to make a sound, informed decision rather than pushing for the sale.  You may say to yourself “But hey, I’m selling products that amount to a few dollars, why would I need to worry about educating my target market or buyer?”  Your market exceeds the mom and dad who live down the road or in the next state; your market can include larger companies who may wish to purchase Christmas presents for their 300 employees’.  It just maybe that the person you educated works for that company and has referred your business to the CEO who employs those people.  Get my drift!

Delivering valuable, honest advice at each stage of the buying cycle is the secret to reaching today’s consumer.  Giving away valuable information through thought-leadership marketing is a cost effective way of positioning your business as a trusted resource.


Reevaluate and Focus

Whatever your opinion maybe of the current economic crisis, the rules of marketing and selling have changed. It’s time to reconsider how to build and maintain a successful online business in an age of uncertainty.

If your marketing efforts have been broad and unfocused, it’s time to stop and cultivate a reputation for delivering useful informative advice.  This cost effective approach ensures that your marketing is aimed at consumers who seek value from products and services that are suited to their particular needs.

Talk to members of your marketplace, including new and existing customers and noncompeting vendors and explore how to tweak your current business or develop some entirely new products and services tailored to unmet needs.

When you target your business to a very specific market, it gives your marketing a sharp, natural focus and ensures that all your efforts pull in a strategic predetermined direction. Target marketing will help you allocate your marketing efforts to ensure maximum return and establish your brand in the most-prosperous markets.  Marketers who ignore the new economic climate do so at their own peril.

A journalist eloquently reported in The Economist, “The winners will be those that adapt intelligently to the new reality. The losers will be those who think they can win simply by telling consumers to ‘Want It!’

Author: Peta Di Palma


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