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August 10, 2011

Google AdWords Success for Your Business

by Marketing Made Easy

People have been asking me how Google AdWords can improve their business or online performance.  But more importantly most people don’t know how to create a AdWords campaign.  Google AdWords can be an affordable and rewarding experience.  In this article you will learn how to successfully run a Google AdWords campaign.

Google AdWords

Let’s assume that you have a business website and your main goal is to attract new people to your business in order to generate more leads.  Attracting highly targeted traffic to your business, is one of the most crucial elements for online or business success.  While driving traffic to your site is important, there’s no use in driving the wrong target market to your site.  As such, you should know that the success of any website relies more on “dedicated” targeted traffic.  That is, the people clicking through to your site, are targeted to reach customers who will ultimately make a purchase.

As an internet marketer, you must find the right strategies to advertise.  To attract targeted traffic to your site, Google AdWords is an effective internet marketing tool.

Understand Your Visitors

If your business website is relatively new, Google AdWords will work much faster than trying to improve your organic SEO results.  However, the most highly clicked AdWords campaign won’t generate actual business without linking it to a relevant offer and an appealing landing page.

Before using AdWords, you should use your existing traffic to test various offers and content using Google Analytics.  Analytics is a free website traffic monitoring system, that provides information that helps you to better understand a) what brings visitors to your site; b) what keeps them coming back and c) the page they exit.  The more you know about your target market, the more relevant your site will become.

Selecting the Right Keywords?

Before you schedule your first campaign create an outline of the services or products you plan to advertise.  Create lists of relevant keywords for each product or service.   Then dissect this group further and create sub categories to include other keywords that will identify your product or service in detail.

For example, say you sell toys, create an ad group around toys with related keywords, create a group called baby toys with related key words, create a group called toddler toys with related key words, and children’s toy with related key words, et cetera.

These keywords must be accurately relevant to your product or service.  Be specific with your key word choice as it will cost you dearly if you attract the wrong market.

Keyword Matching Options

There are four keyword-matching options; 1) broad, 2) exact, 3) phase and 4) negative keyword options.

  1. Broad Match: Google AdWords automatically includes words that Google deem relevant to your search criteria, even if these terms aren’t included in your keyword search.
  2. Exact Match: if you surround your keywords in brackets – such as (baby toys) you limit the impressions or clicks. However, if you’ve carefully constructed a comprehensive keyword list, the traffic you do receive may be more targeted to your product or service.
  3. Phase Match: if you add quotation marks around your keyword – such as “baby toys,” your ad will appear when a user searches using the exact phrase baby toys.  It can also appear in searches that contain other terms as long as it includes the exact phase you’ve specified.  A phrase match is more targeted than a broad match, but more flexible than an exact match.
  4. Negative Match: if your keyword is ‘baby toys’ and you add the negative keyword ‘-toy stores,’ your business will not appear for any searches that contain the word ‘toy stores.’

Negative keywords are useful if your product or service contains a broad match of keywords.

Remember, whatever matching options you use, it’s important to only use keywords that accurately describe your product or service.  See more tips on creating an effective keyword list.

How to Write Your Goggle AdWords Ads

How Should Your Ad be Structured?

  • 25 characters for the headline;
  • 35 characters per text row;
  • 4 rows per ad and one of these is for the destination URL;
  • No pictures; and
  • No colours

Your ad is displayed over 4 lines of text and include; 1) a headline, b) 2 lines of descriptive text and 3) a URL line.

The headline should covey a short and catchy message and the body of your ad or the ad description, should be brief and may include any special offers.  Lastly, if your URL is word lengthy, use a shortened version.  If you have a lengthy URL, Tinyurl can help.

Be careful to observe grammar, spelling and punctuation and make sure it adheres to Google’s content policy or your ads won’t get the chance to shine!

Why is Ad Copy So Important?

Your ad text has the potential to repel or attract your target audience, be careful to convey the right message in a short space.  There is a limit to the amount of text you can write and it’s important to make sure every word counts.

Whilst a long keyword list and precise targeting settings are necessary and important, they are not enough; the words in your ad must target customers also.  Ad copy is only a precursor to your sale; the ads themselves aren’t enough to sell your product or service.  Your ads must be persuasive enough to make the prospective customer click the ad and visit your website.

Now you have written a great ad, you need to make sure your landing page relates directly to your ad and NEVER make a promise you can’t keep!  If you can, always send your target audience to the part of your website they will be most interested in viewing.

How Does a Good Ad Equal Lower Costs?

When Google calculates what you’ll pay for an ad and where you’re positioned on the page, Google use a landing page ‘quality score.’  This means, the higher your score, the higher you’ll rank and the less you’ll pay.

Good copy can improve the number of clicks your ads receives (CTR – click through rates) against the number of times it’s shown.

CTR is a measure of how successful your ads are at convincing users to click your ad.  The stronger your CTR on Google, the lower your bid needs to be in order to reach the higher ad positions.

There are some sites that Google consider inappropriate and restrict some sites from utilising Google AdWords.   For more details you may like to read “What types of websites may merit low landing page quality scores?”

How Do You Write a Good Ad?

  • Include keywords in your ad;
  • include phrases that relate to your keywords;
  • be as specific as you can;
  • avoid tricks and gimmicks.  Stand apart from your competitors by showing your target audience the benefits of your products or services;
  • think of your URL as part of the ad; and
  • use common words.

Start big and edit to narrow it down to the exact word limit.  For example:

Are you looking for natural, organic, Steiner inspired toys for your child?  You will find a wonderful collection of hard to find educational toys for your baby, toddler or child.  You’ll save money on buying from us as our prices are well below other stores.  Also, shipping is ALWAYS free – regardless of the amount of your purchase.  Check out our beautiful selection of handmade toys.

Go back and remove every word that absolutely positively doesn’t need to be there and you’ll probably read something like this:

Handmade, Steiner and organic toys in one place!  Prices well below other stores.  Shipping free.  Toys for baby, toddler or child.

That’s much shorter and it still get’s the point across, however, it’s still too long for AdWords.  Remember, your headline must be less than 25 characters including spaces.  Your copy can only be 35 characters per line over two lines.

Let’s rearrange the words to create an ad that will match Google’s guidelines, include keywords, and attract your target audience to your site.

Handmade toys great prices.

Plus free shipping! Steiner, organic

toys for all ages.


Organically handmade toys

for all ages. Free shipping!

Great prices.

Testing Your AdWords Ad

Don’t send your ad live and forget about it!  Test the responses you get from your ad and if it’s not attracting your target market, revisit your ad and reword it and test it again.  You may need to do this several times to get it right.

Google will notify you if your ad isn’t performing.  Those that get lower than a .05% CTR (click through rate) are disapproved and Google will pull your ad and tell you to make changes!

I’ve helped clients go from a .09% CTR to 6.0% CTR.  Some only needed a one word change for these staggering results.

When you write short copy, remember to stay focused on your goal.  There is never going to be enough room in AdWords to adequately convey your message to your target audience, however, there IS enough space to pique their interest.  Use the limited space you have to focus on the biggest benefits your customers are looking for and you’ll see a greater ROI.

Author: Peta Di Palma


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