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July 24, 2011

Facebook Photo Strip

by Marketing Made Easy

One of the most important aspects of online business success is attracting customers with imagery.  In fact, a recent research involving almost 2,000 online shoppers, found that product images was the most important aspect of their purchasing decision.

Facebook First

If you run an e-commerce or internet business selling hard goods, when it comes to generating customer loyalty a great image sells!  It astounds me how many non-brands under utilise imagery for product promotion.  While a fisherman continues to bury his head in the sand, the fish won’t give him/her a second look, they’ll swim right past and feed on the line with the  juiciest prawn!

In March 2011 Facebook Pages was rolled out with one of the most valuable and FREE tools available – Photo Strip.  It can be tricky to use and when done wrong, the Photo Strip makes an otherwise impressive page look unprofessional.  Alternatively when done right, the Photo Strip creates a stunning page design.  With a little bit of creativity and upkeep you can transform the Photo Strip into a powerful, effective branding tool.


How it Works!

By default, the strip will always feature the most recent five photos uploaded to a page.  You can upload these photos as either wall photos or in a photo album.  For the purpose of our EMME Facebook Page I created a new album and titled it “Photo Strip.”  Facebook selects the images randomly and shuffles them around.  The photos won’t appear in the same order each time the Page is refreshed.

Although only 5 images will show at one time, an unlimited number of photos can be set to appear in the photo strip, which is perfect for profiling your products.  New images uploaded to the wall or photo albums can be easily hidden from appearing in the photo strip by clicking on the X in the top right corner of the image. This will remove it from the gallery strip, but not the page.  Hiding all but the selected 5 photos, enables Page administrators to control which photos appear in the photo strip.

Fans can still be encouraged to share their pictures with you as these won’t be included in the Photo Strip.  This prevents competitors from uploading their logo or images and having them featured in a prominent position on your page!


How to create a branded Facebook page with Photo Strip?

These are some simple steps and rules to follow to create your own simply branded photo strip: 

1.   Image Choice: Decide on 5 images that look good together in random order. The major difference between your personal profile photo strips and business Page is you cannot change the order.

2.   Image Size: These images are horizontal and scaled to 97 X 68 pixels, so choose images that suit a landscape or horizontal crop.  For the purpose of our EMME Page, I uploaded them already scaled.

3.   Create Photo Album: Create an album specifically for your photo strip to keep them separate from other content.

4.   Upload Images: Add your 5 images here.   Upload them, and they will automatically load into your photo strip as the most recent uploads.  Then click to publish your 5 images ready for fans to leave their comments.

5.   Add Links: Below the picture put some extra description and a clickable link to send people to wherever you want them to go.  This should include links to your Etsy shop and website!

6.   Upkeep Images:  Keep it clean and fresh. When you add other images to the wall or other photo albums, you will need to X out those images to bring all 5 photo strip images back into view.


Online shops will find Photo Strip particularly helpful to profile their products.  Just make sure you update your images regularly and make sure they look good together in any sequence!

Marketing Made Easy added Photo Strip to our Facebook Page: to create a greater brand association.


Author: Peta Di Palma


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