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July 18, 2011


Does Your Business Card Pass the Trash Test?

by Marketing Made Easy

Your business card is often the first impression a potential client has with your company and as an Etsy online shop vendor, your product card will closely follow it.  Both should tie in with the overall brand element of your business to create a greater brand association.

The business card design and message will ultimately determine whether it gets thrown in the trash, filed for contact later or acted on immediately.  Ideally, the later is what you want your business card to achieve and it’s possible if you follow these simple philosophies.

Test Your Business Card

1.  Size: Your business card must conform to the traditional size of 3.5″ by 2″? Anything greater will not fit in wallets or most business card holders.

2.  Paper Quality: Your business card should be printed on professional 310gsm matte cello glaze card stock.

3.  Ink: Pearl, metallic, raised and foil are professional inks used to stand the test of wear and tear.

4.  Typeface: The typeface should be clear and easy to read.  Don’t pack too much information on the card – don’t be scared of the white stuff, it’s what you say that counts.

5.  Colour Test: Colorful cards can add to your professional image. Too much color can detract from your message.  A good graphic artist will design your card with the right amount of colour and tone.

6.  Message Design: Your business card should clearly tell people what you do and offer a MEANINGFUL BENEFIT encouraging your would be customer to act sooner rather than later. No message adds confusion so your card might end up in the trash.

7.  Brand Awareness: Your business card design should match your business image. If you’re a designer, then the card should be creative and align to your overall business brand

8.  Font Size:Don’t cram your card with information. White space on the card will make it easier to absorb    your message. If you have a lot to say, add it to the back of the business card in point forms. The print should be readable without the need to squint!

Author: Peta Di Palma

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  1. somethingmoorephotography
    Jul 18 2011

    Great article! I toss so many business cards for the majority of the reasons you listed. Even if I don’t toss them right away if I cant read the font, or the card looks messy or unprofessional I mentally toss it as soon as the person hands it to me. People draw a much larger opinion of you from your business card than most realize.

    • Yes, I do the mental toss long before the card reaches the bin. It’s staggering how many small business owners under utilise their biz cards…Thanks for joining in.

  2. noreenjewelry
    Jul 18 2011

    I agree with your simple philosophies on business cards and think that font size and typeface are very important. If I can’t read what is on the business card why should I keep it.

  3. Sep 26 2011

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